About JWA

Our strengths are:

  • A sense of urgency or patience according to the needs of a particular client
  • Long standing relationships with our clients, recruits, subcontractors and personnel. This remains crucial despite the increasing use of online databases and online social media as recruitment and HR tools
  • Financial stability, Continuity and Compliance
  • International scope and outlook resulting in compliant solutions

For all enquiries and further information please contact joshua.woolman@johnwhelan.net

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   John Whelan LLB (Hons) PG Dipl EU Law

John graduated in Law with honours from Hull University in 1984. After two years teaching English in Italy, he joined a UK/ Netherlands based Consultancy, which provided engineering service, technical consultancy and Interim Management services to the IT, Telecoms and Electronics sectors. Returning to the United Kingdom in 1991, he formed an international division of a London based group which he developed, expanded, managed and then directed until October 2000. In 1992 he took a postgraduate Diploma in European Union Legislation from Kings College London.